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Careers Advice - Can You Help?

10 October 2014

'What People Do' is an online platform that helps schools tap into their communities for profiles, work experience, speakers, mentors and events. Edgbaston High School would like to encourage all parents, ex-pupils or supporters of EHS to join our network on the What People Do website so that our students can benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

There are a number of ways you can offer to help EHS students, from ten minutes taken to profile yourself to working with a student as their mentor - whatever time you can give will go a long way. Simply answer a few questions online and Edgbaston High School will then be able to access your support in the online platform.

Ways to help:

Profile:Take just ten minutes to answer some questions about your job and how you ended up doing it. This is helpful for younger students who are considering their options and seeking inspiration.

Work Experience :List a potential work placement for students to apply for. They will send you a CV and covering letter and if there's anyone you like, you can take them on for anything from a day upwards.

Speaker/Volunteer:Let us know if you'd be interested in coming into school and helping when you can. This could mean joining in a workshop, visiting a careers fair or speaking to a group about what you do.

Mentor:List your details so that EHS can match you with a student in need of mentoring. This will generally involve meeting the student on a few occasions, discussing their options, listening to their ideas and looking over things like their CV and personal statement.

Any support you offer is private to Edgbaston High School and can be paused or removed at any time.

There is no need for you to sign up to 'login' and there is no unique code required. At the end of the page there is a drop down menu where you can select 'Edgbaston High School'. Add your support here 

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