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Cake Sale Supports Gap Medics

02 October 2015

Over the summer, Dominique Al-Hindawi in Year 13 took part in life-changing medical work experience in Morogoro, Tanzania, with the organisation Gap Medics. Over the three weeks spent in Tanzania, Dominique met some inspiring doctors who strived to brighten the mood of everyone around them, and to provide the best medical care they could under the difficult circumstances.

Dominique was shocked by the lack of access to basic equipment like stethoscopes, blood transfusion packs, blood pressure machines, and even bedding at the paediatric department in the Regional hospital. So, on Thursday 17 September Dominique organised a cake sale for the senior school selling cakes generously provided by Year 13 and Mr B. Smith to help raise funds for the department. With the help of hungry EHS girls buying the cakes, and kind donations from those who didn't, she managed to raise an outstanding £157.81 which will help the paediatric department to buy essential supplies such as paediatric blood pressure machines, feeding syringes, emergency drugs, oxygen concentrators and bed sheets. When converted into Tanzanian shillings, this money will go a long way.

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed!


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