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Did they break the Code?

08 July 2016

On Monday 4 July a group of Sixth Form Mathematicians spent the day breaking codes at Bletchley Park and exploring Woburn Abbey. We first made our way to the abbey in Bedfordshire where we discovered the 3000 acre gardens and got a little too close for comfort to the herd of deer. We then toured the magnificent mansion; as well as being given an informative talk about the rich history of the abbey and its’ relation to the Tudor Reformation, the Sixth Form thoroughly enjoyed lunch at the Duchess’ Tea Room where we indulged in a selection of sandwiches and cakes.

From here we moved on to our next stop, Bletchley Park. The park is home to the Bombe machine (the enigma breaking computer) and played an integral role in bringing the Second World War to an end. We particularly enjoyed writing our own messages in code and hearing the memories of those who experienced Bletchley Park in its heyday. We would like to thank Mrs Newling and Mr Thomas for making it such an enjoyable day. The Sixth Form had a fantastic day and have a new found appreciation for the role and involvement of Mathematics in the war.


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