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A visit to Cirencester's ancient sites

Senior School

07 June 2019

On Wednesday 22 May, Year 7 went on a Latin trip to Chedworth Roman Villa and Corinium Museum. Two forms went to one first, whilst the other two halves went to the other, then we swapped over at lunch. 

My form visited the Corinium Museum in the morning. We were given booklets to fill in as we went round the museum, which included a treasure trail of ancient Roman artefacts such as mosaics, tombstones and jewellery, which were dotted around the different displays. 

After completing the trail and having a quick look in the gift shop, we got back on the coach to Chedworth Roman Villa. We had lunch on a small picnic area next to the villa, before meeting our tour guide for a session that included dressing up as ancient Roman slaves, wearing tunics, belts and a slave tag or bulla. Our guide helped us replicate a Roman remedy for a cold by grinding together a mixture of seeds and herbs. When we finished that and changed out of our costumes, we went round the Roman villa ruins and the baths whilst filling in more of our booklets with information from our guide. 

Next we went to the gift shop and then piled back on the coach again. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day; we learnt lots of new and interesting facts and certainly know a lot more about Roman Britain than we did before the trip. 

Ruby Gayle, Year 7


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