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Eco Schools Green Flag Award

07 June 2019

Last term, EHS was awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award for the fourth time. This is an achievement to be extremely proud of and we join 19.5 million children in 67 countries in being involved in this Eco Schools scheme.  

To gain this award all pupils and staff at a school need to be involved and the pupils need to lead the initiatives which is exactly what happens at EHS with everyone from Nursery to Year 13 taking part.  

At a special assembly, held on Prep Playground on a beautiful morning to raise the new flag, girls from Westbourne, Prep and Senior School gathered to be reminded of what being part of the scheme means. Mrs Eveleigh and the Eco Reps listed all of the initiatives in place at our school including the heat saving pool cover, EHS water bottles and school bird houses. She noted the trips and workshops we attend to increase our knowledge of our environment and all of the curriculum work covering relevant topics including global warming, healthy eating.

Mrs Eveleigh also explained that we are now already working to retain the Green Flag award in two years’ time when we will be inspected again, so we need to keep up our efforts.  Sara and Phoebe recited a thoughtful poem and girls from across the school helped to raise the flag.  This was followed by everyone making a pledge to protect the planet.

At EHS we always celebrate with cake. On this occasion, the girls had been allowed to vote, in advance, for a suitable Eco pudding to be served at lunch. The winning lunchtime treat was a green mint cheesecake.

We are, indeed, Eco Warriors!

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