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A taste of Cadbury's business world

24 November 2017

On Thursday 16 November, the Year 10 GCSE Business groups ventured out to Cadbury World in Bournville to learn about business in the real world.

In the morning, we listened to an informative talk about business aims and objectives and the growth of Cadbury and marketing presented by Cadbury’s marketing manager. We learnt about the products they sold, advertising, rival chocolatiers and their unique selling point, giving us an insight into marketing at Cadbury and how a business is made successful.

After the lecture, we explored the history of the Cadbury business and had a tour round the factory. There we learnt interesting, fun facts about the development of the business and the work ethic of the employees. Following this, we sampled cups of Cadbury’s tasty melted, signature chocolate, whilst watching a demonstration of how chocolate was made in the 20th Century.

After lunch, we went on a 4D cinematic experience, which was one of the highlights of the trip (alongside the free chocolate bars!).

Before departing from the Cadbury World Adventure, we bought endless amounts of bargain chocolates!

Thank you to Mr Malone and Mrs Shutt for taking us on this Business Studies trip.

By Laila, Kaila, Jaya and Inayah

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