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24 November 2017

We began the week with news of the weekend’s visit to EHS from girls and staff from St. John’s College, Portsmouth, who come to Birmingham each year for their annual netball tour. The Year 6 teams played competitive matches on Friday afternoon and then enjoyed tea together.

They also returned on Saturday and April, as our Newshound reports. “The morning netball tournament was no ordinary tournament. We mixed-up and then spilt into four teams each containing some St. John’s, Year 5 and Year 6 girls. After the tournament was won by the Blue Team we had a quick snack and designed some Pudsey outfits. After that we dived into some friendly relay races in the same teams as before. It was an amazing day that everyone enjoyed.” The experience was a good opportunity for the girls to get to know each other before the EHS return tour to Portsmouth in March.

In addition to news of netball the Well Done certificates were presented to Years 1 and 2 for a range of activities including DT and art skills, hard work in various aspects of Mathematics and English and for participating with enthusiasm in class discussions.

Tuesday saw the arrival of a mobile planetarium. This gave girls in Reception and Year 5 the opportunity to journey beyond our planet. While Reception girls learned about shapes in space, Year 5 went on a futuristic journey, exploring what life would be like on the Moons and Planets in our Solar System. Pluto proved very popular with our girls, perhaps due to the abundance of snow on the planet's surface. The girls agreed the biggest disadvantage of living on Pluto was waiting nearly 248 Earth Years to celebrate your first birthday! After each session the girls held the oldest thing they will (probably) ever touch; a meteorite which is older than even the rocks making up our planet, Earth. The session was thoroughly enjoyable with many requests for a repeat performance. You can all experience a bit of Space magic this week if you look carefully into the sky just before the Sun rises: you will be able to spot Jupiter. Remember, it's a planet so it won't be twinkling.

Another Science opportunity was offered to Year 2 this week. As part of this term's topic on the senses, they have investigated sound. They used a data logger to help them find out what happens to sound as they move away from a sound source.

In assembly on Wednesday the younger girls were surprised by the topic which was potatoes. They looked at how unique potatoes are with no two being the same - just like them. This continued our theme of respecting how special each one of us is, valuing our particular talents and qualities as friends and that we are all different but all equal.

The week has ended with opportunities for performance for a number of girls. The House Captains have organised their second House assembly of the term based on road safety and have been busy counting up House points and judging competitions. Girls in Year 5 and 6 have performed in a Teatime concert and 1B have entertained their parents in a class assembly.

Next week, in addition to a trip to Selly Manor for Year 4, there are a number of exciting EHSPA events with the new Tree Lighting event after school on Wednesday and the Christmas Fair on Saturday. We are also looking forward to welcoming parents of Year 2 girls to their Nativity on Thursday afternoon and Westbourne parents on Friday morning to the performance of Ralph the Reindeer.

Mrs Sally Hartley

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