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Young Theatre Goers


01 December 2023

On Friday of last week our Reception and Kindergarten children were looking forward excitedly to a visit to the theatre as we took the girls to the MAC to see ‘Starchitects Save Santa!’ 

They loved their theatre experience, which was action packed with lots of singing, dancing and acrobatics. Most importantly the children interacted with the show and were inspired by what they saw. 

It was Christmas Eve and Santa had gone missing. The girls joined the Starchitects on their daring mission into space to save him. The girls were totally mesmerised from beginning to the end.  

Travelling by school minibus was another great highlight! Our school minibus drivers were guided by the children who were giving them instructions on which traffic lights to stop at and which they could go through because they were on green. 

The morning ended with a delicious indoor picnic in our school hall. It was lovely to see Kindergarten and Reception children chatting and enjoying their experiences together.

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