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Year 9 MFL Webinar

11 December 2020

On Tuesday 1st December, Year 9 attended a webinar run by Business Language Champions.  They were able to listen to four speakers showcasing different aspects of using languages in the world of work. The guests were representing a variety of careers ranging from business, to education to interpreting and the secret service.

Here is an account of the session written by Emma and Pavi:

We really enjoyed the MFL Webinar, as it was useful to have an insight into how languages could be applied in a range of different career contexts. We felt that it was very relevant to us with the upcoming GCSE options choices, as many of the speakers started their language journeys at our age. We especially enjoyed the speaker from GCHQ (a British Intelligence Service) as we never would have thought that learning a language could take you into such a unique and important field of work! It was also amazing to see someone join the webinar from Hong Kong - it really did highlight to us that learning languages really can take you anywhere!

- Emma and Pavi Year 9

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