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'Christmas in my dreams' competition winners!

11 December 2020

The English Department is delighted to announce the winners of a competition organised by the Creative Writing Club this term.

The competition ‘Christmas in my Dreams’ saw students taking inspiration from the events of 2020 and using these in their imaginative explorations of what Christmas might be like this year for people from different walks of life.

The winner of the competition is Laaibah Zia in year 8, who wrote a heartfelt poem inspired by her mum, who works in the NHS.  Laaibah’s poem explores what Christmas will be like for her mum and many thousands of frontline workers like her.

The runner up of the competition is Karishma Mangal in year 9, who wrote a poem in which she stepped into the shoes of a homeless man and his experiences of Christmas in 2020.

Congratulations to both girls and thank you to everyone who entered the competition.  Mrs Smith and Mr Proctor, who run Creative Writing Club, were very pleased to read all of the interesting, imaginative and moving pieces that were submitted.  Creative Writing Club will return in the New Year and currently takes place via Teams, each Friday lunchtime, from 1.30pm.

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