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Year 9 extend learning through Higher Project

22 June 2018

In Year 9 girls are offered the opportunity to take part in the Higher Project. This allows girls to discover the joys of independent learning, take responsibility for their own study and develop new life and study skills. This work prepares them well for the challenges of the GCSE course in Year 10.

This year the girls have explored a diverse range of topics, choosing challenging, lively and topical issues to explore. The girls have done a fantastic job and this week presented their projects and conclusions to Dr Weeks, Mrs Coley, Mrs Rees and Miss Rance this week. We congratulate the following girls for their hard work this year:

Omala Abras: Discuss the impact of India’s partition in Jummu and Kashmir and consider the lasting consequences.
Zahra Alam: Evaluate the key features of horror films and analyse the effects on the human mind.
Natalia Barrios Mejia:  Explore the complex phenomenon of phantom limb pain and evaluate modern medicine approaches towards it.
Jessica Gannon: Explore the issues associated with homelessness in the UK.
Sohini Guha: Explore the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism and evaluate the health implications associated with this lifestyle.
Iram Hamid: Explore the positive and negative effects of social media and how it affects the lives of teenagers.
Megan Hardiman: Consider the role of sport in our lifestyle today and evaluate the physical, emotional and mental impact it can have on society.
Emma Henderson: Investigate the process of organ donation, examining organ transplant campaigns and the effects on both families.
Hermione Hooper: Explore the perception of robots in the 21st century and the implications it may have for our future.
Amber Lyttle: Explore the archaeology of Egypt and consider the significance of it within history.
Safaa Mahmood: Explore the history of mermaids and their role in modern culture today.
Vibha Patel: Consider the issues associated with terrorism in 21st century.
Bethany Pommell: Consider the rising popularity of young entrepreneurs and evaluate their success compared to their adult competitors.
Saalihah Sajjad: Discuss the significance of wearing the hijab in Britain today and evaluate the role it plays in modern society.
Lauren Yassen: To what extent can stem cells help our generation?

We look forward to receiving the official results in August!

Miss Hayday and Miss O’Hare

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