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Year 8 Flex Their Science Skills to Survive

Senior School

09 December 2022

Last week, Year 8 found themselves marooned on a remote island with only a few resources and their scientific skills at their disposal.

In order to ‘escape’, they had to apply their Physics knowledge to design a parachute suitable to get them off a high cliff, their Biology know-how to find the best food and medicines and their Chemistry expertise to get clean drinking water.

Well done to the following teams who won the challenge in each form, got safely off the island and also escaped the hungry bear that was stalking around the place!
8L - The team with no name - Karina T, Polly B, Charlotte H and Sienna
8MP - The Dead Trio - Marlah G, Jemima H and Sophia C
8R - Pink Hospital Bed - Aiya G, Rosa G and Fiona H
8S - We Are Going To Get Eaten - Hafsah F, Angelique K, Safa S and Anaya

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