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Year 8 Christmas Tree Competition

11 December 2020

On Wednesday, Mrs Mooney and Miss Glover judged the Year 8 Christmas competition. There were 5 trees entered, each with unique designs and great effort as you’ll see from the feedback below…

  1. Harry Potter theme - thought had been put into the decoration of this tree, there was clearly a great deal of Yr 8 involvement. Lots of visual impact and homemade decorations. 
  2. Coronavirus Tree - very comical and clearly a very of the moment subject. Interesting decorations made from PPE!
  3. LGBTQ+ Tree - Fabulous gradient of colour with great thought and design - contemporary and stylish
  4. Grinch Tree - the theme was strong, well decorated with excellent proportion.
  5. Candy Tree - traditional with a hint of Victorian, simple and effective.


Well done to Year 8 for your efforts, and a big congratulations to our winners!

First place: 1 - Harry Potter

Runner up: 3 - LGBTQ+

Third place: 4 - Grinch

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