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26 January 2021

This week I am sharing pieces from another two girls from my Year 7 English group. Harleen Garcha is a very enthusiastic writer who has written 2 extra pieces for me. This week we have her entry for a writing competition that demands that she tells a story using only 100 words. Despite the word limit, there is plenty of drama in her piece. Ruqayyah Hanif was inspired by an item on BBC Bitesize. After watching a quick lesson on article, Ruqayyah produced a piece on the impeachment of Donald Trump. Perhaps we will have future screenwriters or journalists from EHS! 

- Samantha Park


It was an ordinary day, when I was jogging home from my ordinary night shift when something rather extraordinary happened… Usually the streets are deserted; I was surprised to see a couple near the alleyway. Something in the man’s hand was glimmering, a knife! Suddenly, the lady dropped to the ground, the Moon shining on her like a spotlight. My heart beating like a drum, I raced over. Fear crept into my mind; would I meet the same fate as the lady? Panting, I reached the body, where was the killer? Aah! A pair of hands wrapped around my neck…


Donald Trump makes history, after being impeached not once, but twice from the White House. He was impeached after being accused of starting the attack on the White House which happened on the 6th January 2021. Donald Trump started this attack in attempt to overrun his defeat at the presidential election in 2020. His supporters broke police barriers and charged straight for the presidents House. Donald Trump’s supporters were able to get inside the White House. Nobody knows for sure how this was possible, but many suspect that it had something to do with Donald Trump himself.

Mrs Jarvis from Washington DC was a witness of the event. She said that she looked around just in time to see a group of angry supporters attacking a group of police men. She observed that nobody was following the current Covid restrictions. She also reported that she could see some of the supporters wearing bullet proof clothes

It took 50 police men with gas masks and riot shields to block part of the entrance to the White House. In this commotion 5 people were tragically killed.

However, after the attack ended at 6 pm, the US government decided that after the attack, the USA was not safe with Donald Trump as president. Therefore, they decided to impeach him from the White house as his presidency would end on the 20th January 2021 when Joe Biden would be the new president. The US government also decided to put the army in the White House so that if there was another attack then the army could defend it. Most of the soldiers have been sleeping in the White House. There have not been any more attacks after the first one but the US government have decided to take precautions

Moreover, when Donald Trump did his next public speech, he did not mention anything to do with his impeachment. Instead he said ‘I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week’. Some people argue that in his speech he blamed the attack on other people when actually he was the one who started the attack.

In summary, this attack was dreadful and violent and 5 lives were taken from the innocent. The USA will have to try to recover from this attack on American democracy. 


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