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Year 7 Creative Writers

20 January 2021

Despite all the demands of online learning, a lot of my Year 7 English group have been doing EXTRA WORK! Many are keen creative writers and have been sending me their pieces which I thought I would share over the next few weeks.

This week we have two poems. Alyzah Hussain entered the Young Writers’ competition and her dystopian set poem has now been published. Zhian Rahman-Jackson has also entered a poem for a competition. Her piece entitled ‘Excuses, Excuses’ is an amusing look at all the ways we avoid doing what we should. I think many of us with our well-intentioned to do lists can relate to her ideas! 

Well done to all the girls and their very varied pieces. Look out next week for more examples of Year 7 Creative Writing! 

- Samantha Park



Imagine if there was a zombie apocalypse….

Imagine if, an experiment went wrong,

A disease spread from London to Hong Kong.

Imagine if all adults were infected,

All above 16 were affected.


Their faces exploded into masses of blisters,

Their only purpose was to destroy all resisters,

Their enemy was those surviving youths,

The ones who faced danger to uncover the truths.


The strongest children, who had the will to survive,

They united together, to stay alive,

They built their camps and made their homes,

To cover up the sight of blood and bones.


They made their weapons and prepared for an attack,

They rummaged the streets, searching for a snack.

All the children waited in anticipation,

The older ones whispered their words of consolation.


“Raaaaaa” the sound was unmistakable,

The zombies were coming, they were unbreakable.

They walked slowly but firmly in their tattered rags,

A jumble of zombies, monsters and hags.


A small boy, of the innocent age of three,

Saw the danger and tried to flee.

The elder children were busy in force

All that was left of him was a half eaten corpse.


The young crusaders got out their spears,

And pushed aside their lingering fears.

They charged heroically towards their predators,

They fought the most lethal of all wars.

They were valiant, they were true fighters,

They held their stand, tighter and tighter.

They swore an oath never to lose,

The sun started to set, unleashing fiery hues.


They were weak and exhausted,

Their sight became distorted.

They struggled on their feet,

Were they to become zombie meat?


The night finally came,

The children waited to be slain.

The last ones looked around,

At the bodies on the ground.


No! Their fighting cannot be in vain!

To await death would be insane!

They summoned up all their might,

To continue with their dreaded fight.


The monsters slashed, squelched, screeched!

So far they had almost reached!

The children together courageously fought,

The zombies had a lesson yet to be taught.


Finally! The last monster fell on the ground with a thud,

The few children looked at one another, all filthy with blood.

They buried their friends’ bodies, exhausted from battle,

They made the journey back to base, listening to their weapons’ heavy rattle.





I have an invite,

To a school ball.

It’s on tonight,

It’s in the great hall.


During the ball, 

I dance and dance,

I twirl up tall,

 I jump and prance.


I scoff some cake,

I drink some juice,

Eat pasta bake,

And chocolate mousse.


My eyes grow tired, 

I go to our house,

An uber I hired.

I creep like a mouse.


OH! The homework set,

From the night before,

I begin to fret,

More and more and more!


It’s the English sheet!

For the test today.

Shall I try to cheat?

Or should I stay away?


Mom is entering my room,

Oh, I need her pity, quick!

Will she lead me to my doom?

She needs to believe I’m sick!


“I can’t go to school,

I’ll be late for the bell!

Please don’t be cruel,

I don’t feel very well.


My head is aching,

My throat is dry,

I feel like I’m shaking,

My temperature’s high!


My eyes are swollen,

My legs are weak,

I’ve a tear in my colon,

And I can barely speak!


My teeth are wonky.

My heart beats late.

I’ve breath like a donkey.

And I have a funny gait!


My face is so pale,

My ears are all red,

I’ve lost my poor toenail,

Can I stay in bed?”


“I know all the tricks,

You try as a child,

It’s not easy to fix,

When I’m so riled.”


I start to shout,

From my cosy bed.

I begin to pout,

and hang my poor head.


It’s starting to rain,

To hail, snow and puss,

It pops into my brain…

I should take the bus!


Up comes number 5,

I find myself a seat,

Halfway through the drive.

My heart skips a beat.


When I get off the bus,

A policeman comes to me,

“Have you seen all the fuss?

There’s been a burglary?”



I creep in late for class;

Mrs Read glares at me.

“Will you fail or pass?

Oh, it’s no mystery!


Where is your homework?

You bad little boy!

Where does it lurk?

Pray, don’t be coy.”


“My homework, Oh?

Where could it be?

I wish I did know….

Now, let me see?


It could have been the storm 

That blew it away,

It could have got torn-

On no! No way!”


A disapproving look,

Is staring at me,

“First it was the Cook,

And then in PE.


The chef said, “Enough!”

You spat out his food!”

“But there was green stuff!” 

“Oh! You are so rude!



Mr Field said today,

You kicked at his head!”

“But he was in the way.

I meant the goal instead!”



“These excuses are wild,

I can’t take anymore,

Remove this child!

Please, I implore!”


They take me away

To see the headmaster,

What shall I say?

Quick! Think faster!


“You come here so often!”

The headmaster cries,

“Your promise, forgotten,

To stop outrageous lies.


Your excuses are worthy,

Of your future career,

You’ll be running the country,

You’ll be famous, my dear!”









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