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Year 7 conquer Goodrich Castle

23 March 2018

On Wednesday 14 March, Year 7 embarked on a trip to Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire. In History lessons, girls have been studying the Norman Conquest and the methods used by William the Conqueror in order to assert control; castles being one of the most important ways in which he achieved this.

Goodrich Castle is one of the finest and best preserved Norman built castles left, and therefore it was a treat for the girls to be able to explore the nooks and crannies of such an historical building. Girls ventured into the medieval dungeon, before bravely making their way up the very small staircase to reach the top of the Keep!

Whilst a dry day, it was very chilly in the wind, so the girls should be commended for remaining focused and concentrating hard on their tasks in the cold! We look forward to visiting again next year!

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