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A celebration of science

23 March 2018

Our Prep pupils are such keen scientists that we have extended British Science Week in school.

The Nursery girls visited the Science Lab where Mrs Eveleigh had set the room up with many exciting things the girls could play with safely and were amazed to see the Mentos and Coke fountain experiment.

The Year 2 classrooms were turned into a scene from Harry Potter when the girls had the opportunity to observe dry ice as it sublimates into a gas, producing a cold 'smoke'. The girls have also been experimenting with growing cress in different conditions to consider the effects of the environment on growth of plants.

Year 4 pupils concluded their Science topic, ‘Hot and Cold’, with a Liquid Nitrogen Workshop. Maria, an academic from the University of Birmingham, took them on a temperature journey from Absolute Zero to the hottest places in our universe. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing what happened to inflated balloons, leaves and electrical circuits when placed in the incredibly cold liquid nitrogen.

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