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Year 7 blast the National Space Centre

11 May 2018

Year 7 have been studying Space Physics over the course of the last term. As well as looking into the Physics that govern the movements of objects in our Solar System and beyond, they also looked at the physics of actually getting space.

As a part of this, last week we blasted-off to the National Space Centre in Leicester.  Here the girls were introduced to the difficulties and dangers of living and working in space, learning more about the design of astronaut suits as well of the types of training involved. The girls also had a set of interactive tasks to complete whilst viewing the many exhibits at the centre. 

Well done to the ‘Astronomers’ - Simran Sangha, Aarya Dhami, Monet Egawa, Amelie Moylan and Lucia Holland - for achieving the highest score on this.  A set of Space Centre goodies is rocketing its way to you! 

Photos taken by Amelia Slater

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