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Prep gymnasts train at GMAC

11 May 2018

On Wednesday 18 April, ten members of Prep Senior Gym Squad were lucky enough to visit GMAC for a coaching session with Jody Kime and her assistant Sarah. Jody had just arrived back from the Commonwealth Games in Australia. She is a GB coach and had travelled there as coach to Taeja James. Taeja joined the team at the last minute and helped them win a silver medal in the team event.

The session began with some team games as a warm up. The girls then went on to use the air track and enjoyed somersaulting into the foam pit. Next was a piece of apparatus new to many – the uneven bars. This was when realisation of just how hard gymnasts train hit home! It is not easy to swing your body around those bars and moving from low bar to high bar is quite scary!

The final piece of apparatus was the beam - it’s high! Everyone was able to walk, spin and perform arabesques on the high beam, then try cartwheels and rolls on the floor beams. The more intrepid gymnasts did their cartwheels on the high beams. Perseverance paid off and Rhea, Zahirah and Amarah all managed at least one cartwheel which landed on the beam.

After all the hard work everyone enjoyed the opportunity to go on whatever apparatus they wished. All the gymnasts agreed that this had been a fantastic experience, with many wishing they could train there every week.

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