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A taste of life in Senior School

07 February 2020

The Senior School welcomed Prep pupils from Year 6 to a special taster morning last Friday. 

First, the girls enjoyed the music assembly, a Friday morning tradition in the Senior School, which was based on the music of a local Birmingham composer and enjoyed hearing Teresa, our Sixth Form Music scholar, play the piano.

After assembly, Year 6 were joined by pupils in Year 9 to take part in the ‘Trading Game’. Girls enjoyed working together to create their shapes and girls learnt valuable trading tips! Break was then enjoyed in the hexagon before Year 6 sampled a Chemistry lesson with either Dr Rajp or Miss Fones. The girls found making elephant toothpaste very interesting and they saw what happens if you combine oil, fire and water, resulting in some truly explosive scenes!

All of the Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their morning as they look ahead to their transition to secondary school. 

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