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Year 4's Rainforest Roadshow


30 April 2021

On Monday, Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Rainforest Roadshow.  Even though things had to be organised slightly differently this year, the Roadshow proved to be as popular as ever. The girls thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic opportunity to take their learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom and into the jungle.

Intrepid explorer and regular visitor, Rainforest Dave, led us all on an exciting and fun filled adventure.  Dave has spent years visiting indigenous peoples from rainforests all over the world.  He came to share their wisdom and his knowledge, bringing a renewed respect and understanding of the challenges facing this unique habitat. 

No trip to the rainforest would be complete without a little element of surprise! Every girl had the opportunity to meet a giant millipede with over 400 legs and Sid the giant stick insect.  The firm favourite, however, was Amelia, a Red Kneed Tarantula. “She feels so soft and beautiful,” and “She feels like a bristly hairbrush on my hand,” were just some of the reactions to meeting these exotic creatures. Even the more nervous amongst them managed to overcome their fears and take their turn.  Very brave girls well done! 

During the day, Year 4 girls were able to learn more about the indigenous peoples of the rainforest and discuss the threats to their way of life. They found out about the impact of oil exploration on this environment and discussed what changes need to be made in order to protect it. The girls had the chance to wear handmade, traditional jewellery and handle artefacts brought directly from Ecuador and Malaysia. In addition, the artistic amongst them had the opportunity to sketch many of the unique invertebrate specimens brought in from various exotic locations and make their own version of a tribal bead necklace. 

The girls had a fantastic, fun filled day, gaining a new appreciation of the importance of preserving this unique habitat for future generations.  

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