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Back to the Stone Age for Year 1

26 October 2018

The Stone Age Workshop was a really informative day for the girls in Year 1. They were able to see how people lived at that time. Dwelling in caves, the people were nomadic and took their homes with them which made it easy for them to follow their food, following the animals wherever they went. The girls saw that their homes would have been tents made from animal skins, mammoth tusks and wood. 

One of the highlights was Mr Trevor dressing in real Stone Age attire made up of furs. He wore a lot of clothes as it would have been cold, not just a tunic as we see in films like Ice Age or The Flintstones. 

The children were able to look at real artefacts from the Stone Age and handle tools and weapons used which were made of the natural materials they could find - mainly stone, bones, antlers and wood, there was no metal or plastic! Girls were able to touch these tools and had the opportunity to sketch them too. 

This day was a great introduction to Year 1’s topic on homes in the past, giving the girls an insight into life in the Stone Age.

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