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21 June 2019

The girls in Westbourne have been extremely busy, enjoying opportunities within their curriculum.

In Nursery, we celebrated Avaani having a very settled week having moved into her own bedroom.  She received a certificate for her efforts.

The girls also went on a summer walk to see how nature has changed and were pleased with the lovely pink flowers they found. They have pretended to be at the seaside, looking for shells and playing in the sand. After being out and about they sat down at carpet time and took turns passing Lola the Leopard around and talking to her.

As part of their work with the y letter sound Kindergarten were allowed to wear something yellow or bring in something yellow for the day. The girls developed their communication skills by talking about the interesting objects that were brought for show and tell. 

In Reception, after a very successful Father’s Day Breakfast last week the girls have been on a bug hunt in the school grounds.  They used pots for the bugs and magnifying glasses to observe them.

Later in the afternoon, some of the girls were taken to Westbourne's Library to test out the new animal cushions.  They proved to be a huge hit and the girls didn't want to leave!

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