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18 June 2021

This week girls in Nursery have had fun with water play as they explored the topic of ‘Under the Sea’.  One activity involved ‘diving’ for sea creatures in the water tray.  This inspired them to paint stripy fish using alternate colours.  Crabs were also decorated using patterned paint rollers and collage technique was used to create starfish.  A game of magnetic fishing involved identifying letter sounds.

Our Nursery pupils also took the opportunity to use water to experience car washing.  We hope they can put this new skill to good use at home.

This week in Kindergarten the letter sound has been q.  The Queen has provided a focus for the study which is appropriate as she has recently had a special birthday and the girls wrote questions they would like to ask the Queen.  They also sorted items the Queen might use and counted using coins featuring the Queen’s head.  A very royal week indeed!

In Reception, the girls combined skills of working together in a group with creative skills when they built a farm collage.  They also enjoyed writing about their bug hunt.

In between working hard the girls enjoyed being in the sunshine!

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