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What's Happening in Westbourne

01 October 2021

The girls in Westbourne have enjoyed a wide range of activities this week, both inside and out of the classroom. Ballet lessons are well underway for all girls from Nursery to Reception and Reception girls are looking forward to starting swimming after half term.

Blue has been the colour of the week in Nursery, which has offered many opportunities for experimenting with a variety of media and resources. The activities have certainly not made the girls feel blue as they have enjoyed all aspects of their learning.

Kindergarten girls have enjoyed the last of the good weather to explore the outdoors with magnifying glasses. They found lots of interesting items to identify!
Inside the classroom, Reception girls have been putting their numeracy skills to good use by comparing tallest, shortest and longest whilst building towers and rolling snake shapes.

They have also continued their topic on healthy eating and have enjoyed tasting new foods. They have enjoyed working and playing together too.

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