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Nursery look for signs of Autumn

19 October 2018

Last week Nursery girls went on a walk around school looking for signs of Autumn.

Each girl then took home a special Autumn Treasures bag with the instructions to go out and about and find as many things as they could over the weekend. They brought their filled treasure bags back to Nursery full of acorns, conkers and leaves and emptied the contents onto the investigation table for everyone to explore this week.

Other activities in Nursery have been continuing their colour project, focusing on the colour purple. One of their favourite activities was using purple icing and sweets to decorate some cakes. They also invited Mrs Hartley to join them for a tea party. She enjoyed her cake and also sharing the story of ‘Elmer’s Colours’ with them all.

They are now looking forward to Pink Week and dressing in pink clothes on Wednesday.

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