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Girls join the WE Movement

16 February 2018

On Monday 12 February 2018, Miss Welsh, accompanied by Aman Kaur Sidhu, Lydia Diwakar and Ushna Mukhtar held an assembly about the WE Movement, an international organisation that gives young people all over the world the power to make a difference through charitable activity.

The girls explained the background and purpose of WE as well as how the EHS community has made their contribution in order to support the movement. Last year, two volunteers from this organisation led an assembly which opened our eyes and allowed us to see how small changes made by youngsters has led to huge positive impacts both locally and internationally. With this in mind, girls in EHS held a collection last year for the local food bank which was hugely successful.

Our charity work had already earned us some tickets to the annual WE Day in London, a once in a lifetime experience. By attending WE Day last year we saw and understood how our actions, as young people, can change lives of other people for the better.

This year the Charity Committee have decided to support both a local and a global charity.

We have introduced a new method of fundraising in support of the WE Global Movement - collecting copper coins in order to support the ‘Malala Fund’. Old Girl Malala Yousafzai is the founder of the organisation which is working towards getting every girl a right to twelve years of free, safe and quality education.

EHS will also be supporting ‘Suited for Success’. This charity is aiming to increase the likelihood of underprivileged and unemployed local people getting into work. This can be a nerve-racking time for anyone, especially if you have been out of work long term; Suited for Success helps to relieve some of the stress by supplying people with suits that have been donated, giving confidence. In addition, they also help people with interview practice, an aftercare programme, as well a Suited for Success Workshop.

How you can help

For the Malala Fund we have decided to collect all your unwanted copper coins. “Just $25 can help a girl go to school for a year.” In British currency this is the equivalent of £18 which will send a girl to school for a year. We want to enable as many girls to have an education as possible, something we take for granted. To find out more about the “Malala Fund” visit the website:

For ‘Suited for Success’ we are aiming to collect specific items: suits, shirts, skirts, trousers, jackets, blouses, dresses, shoes and accessories. To find out more about the charity visit their website:

More about the WE Movement:

So please donate generously to both ‘Suited for Success’ and the ‘Malala Fund’ as they are very worthwhile charities. If we all come together, we can make a change.

Thank you.

Charity Committee

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