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Classicists consider 'heritage under threat'

16 February 2018

On Tuesday 6 February, a group of A Level and Year 11 Classicists were accompanied by Mrs McAlister to the University of Birmingham to hear a lecture by a leading academic in his field, Dr Gareth Sears. The lecture was entitled ‘The Classical Heritage Under Threat: Destroying and Preserving our Past’.

The lecture provided a fascinating insight into the reasons behind the destruction of various Classical sites throughout the world, particularly those in Syria and Afghanistan, and the impact the loss of these is having on our ability to study and appreciate our classical legacy. Dr Sears also gave a valuable overview of the work that is being undertaken to understand these sites before they disappear entirely using the latest technology, such as 3D laser mapping.

Thank you very much to Mrs McAlister for organising the trip and to Dr Sears for opening our eyes to an area of classical study we had yet to encounter!

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