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We came, we saw, we conquered: Classicists venture to the British Museum

28 February 2020

Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation students from Years 10-11 recently travelled to London to visit the British Museum. Excited to explore the ancient history that the museum offered, we were taken on a short tour around the museum to see the Roman artefacts on show. We loved hearing about the foundation stories of Rome and the daily life in their society. 

After this we ventured to see the Elgin Marbles of the Parthenon and learned about its history. We debated the moral issue of the Elgin Marbles being in the UK or Greece! 

After a busy morning, we had a lunch break in the beautiful Great Hall where we also had a chance to look around the gift shop.

Following this we were given the rest of the time to visit exhibits ourselves and have a guided tour of the Greek galleries, before returning home after a successful trip to the museum.

We loved the day out to London and will definitely return to the British Museum without our teachers!

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