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28 February 2020

This week we have been thinking about power posing; the science behind standing in a certain way for two minutes to configure the brain so that one thinks differently about oneself; to change our mind set from a negative one to a positive one so that we can change outcomes in our lives. We have always known that our minds can change our bodies, because our minds tell our bodies what to do. But, the premise of the social scientific study that I was telling the pupils about is that perhaps our bodies can also change our minds and our minds can change our behaviour, and our behaviour can change our outcomes. This can have a meaningful and powerful effect on our lives. The study suggests that it can change whether you are successful in evaluative situations, such as job interviews. I explained to the pupils that it isn’t about faking it until you make it, and then still feeling a fraud, rather it is about faking it until you become it. If you get the chance do take a look at the TED talk which I based my assembly on as it is a fascinating talk and one of the talks that regularly comes top of the TED talk charts:
As ever, we have also been thinking about our community within and without. We welcomed pupils from local primary schools to our Prep choral day and the vocal sounds that were emanating from the Octagon were wonderful. We have also welcomed some very young members of our community with their parents for our new initiative, ‘Little Learners’. It was wonderful to be able to utilise our facilities in such a rewarding way.

I want to thank you for your communications following my emails about Covid 19 and especially for the words of encouragement. It is hard to escape the media coverage of this issue and it can be very worrying for our young people. I have spoken to all about the simple ways that we can help protect ourselves and our community and I know that you will be reiterating these also. Please find here the link on advice relating to washing hands: It is clear that we have to balance looking after our community and keeping everyone as safe as possible, while avoiding unnecessary alarm. Communication is key and I would urge you to keep in regular contact with the school should you have any concerns and I will keep you all updated as and when the school receives further advice or the situation develops in a significant way for our community. 

Mrs Macro

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