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Vive La France!

05 February 2021

Madame Hennous has once again been impressed with the standard of French and the acting skills on display by the girls in the Preparatory School.

Year 3 girls and parents had lots of fun setting up a French Café at home. They demonstrated a high level of competence in ordering various café snacks in French. In addition to placing their orders, they also had to ask for the bill and use other pleasantries in French. Quite a challenge whilst acting at the same time.  If they were able to travel, most of the girls could comfortably go to a French Café and order with confidence. 

In Year 5, the girls took part in an entertaining French Fashion Show, describing what they were wearing in French and ‘strutting their stuff’ on the catwalk (be it in school or at home).

There certainly were some contenders for the next top model. So, watch out Christian Dior, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent, here come the EHS Girls!

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