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Time for reflection on Pink Rose Day

21 June 2019

On Friday 21 June, Senior School celebrated Pink Rose Day. This was the day on which we remembered, reflected upon and recalled all the members of our school community, pupils and staff, whom sadly we have lost over the years. It was the conclusion to a week during which girls and staff brought in pink roses to place in vases on window ledges, desks and shelves throughout Senior School.

The focus of Pink Rose Day was a special assembly that was led by the members of the new leadership team for academic year 2019-10, Lydia Diwaker and Anya Oates. As the girls came into assembly, Shanya Kulatange in Year 7 played a beautiful piece called “Sands of Hosta” on the harp. The theme of legacies ran throughout the assembly, introduced by a poem entitled “The Legacy” by Daniel Mark Extrom. This was followed by an explanation of the significance of Pink Rose Day, which began following the death of a pupil, Claudia Burnand.

As the girls listened, Caitlin Kisumba played with gentle grace, “Turn Your Eyes” on the violin.  The poem ‘Impact’ by Peter Vector was read by Simran Dosanjh in Year 8, which highlighted the impact that individuals have on us. This was followed by Lydia Diwaker explaining how people past and present influence and shape our daily lives. Charlotte Miller then read the poem “The Marks We Leave” by Mark Sanborn. Lydia and Anya then talked about the impact and influences of human legacies, both famous and those closer to home.

 The assembly was closed by the chamber choir with a beautifully poignant rendition of “The Rose”.

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