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07 July 2023

As we approach the holiday girls in Kindergarten have being reflecting on all they have achieved this year.  They have considered what they have learnt and enjoyed and what their hopes are for the next academic year.  Looking forward they also met their new Reception teachers and spent some time in their new classrooms.  Time was also available to complete their summer themed Mathematics Activity books, to review all the letter sounds they have learnt this year and also to visit the Botanical Gardens to look for signs of Summer.

Reception have been busy too in their final week in Westbourne before they move to Prep. They have been enjoying using junk materials to make various creations and have made little homes for their Polly Pocket dolls as well a box of biscuit. They have also been creative making their own board games. 

On Wednesday, on Changeover Day, they went to visit their new classes in Year 1. They are all excited about the next stage in their learning but are also sad to leave Westbourne. The Reception teachers have enjoyed teaching the girls and wish them all the best for their future.

We wish all of the girls a happy holiday and look forward to seeing them all again in September.

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