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Celebration of Year 6


07 July 2023

Each year, as we reach the end of the Summer Term we have the opportunity to celebrate all that our Year 6 girls have achieved throughout their time in Prep and to bid them a formal farewell.  It has become a tradition to hold our special Leavers’ Celebration in the marquee at the playing fields and this year’s event took place on Tuesday 4 July in perfect summer weather.  

Mrs Hartley’s speech focused on shared memories created together and also contained some words of wisdom from Dr Seuss.  She reflected on the achievements across the years made by the girls and what a successful year group they have been.

Head girls for the year, Anya and Lucy, shared their memories from earliest Westbourne days through each year group to now, just as they are about to leave.

The girls also performed two songs for their parents and guests.  During the beautiful, poignant songs many people shed a few tears as they listened to the words all about leaving and believing.

Some prizes recognising both academic and personal achievement were presented by Mrs Macro with the inclusion of a new award this year.  We were pleased to welcome Rachel Selby to present this award.  Rachel, an Old Girl of EHS, shared her memories of school days from over 50 years ago.  She then presented the Pat Muffett Creative Achievement Award in memory of Pat, a Prep teacher who had taught her needlework.  

As they left the marquee the girls were presented with their Year Book, donated by EHSPA.  They gathered outside in groups smiling and sharing the memories in the books with parents and friends whilst enjoying afternoon tea.

Today, on the last day of their journey through the Prep School, it seems appropriate to quote the words of Dr Seuss as they begin the next leg of their adventure:

‘You’re off to great places! Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!’

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