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26 May 2023

Our youngest pupils in Nursery have been continuing their learning journey with shapes.  This week was focused on squares, rectangles and cuboids.  In addition to sorting and identifying shapes in their environment they have used printing skills and have included their physical skills by moving in different ways across the rectangular bench.

Kindergarten have been working hard all year on learning their letter sounds and this week was no exception with a focus on the sound ‘j’.  Activities have included forming the letter shape and writing ‘j’ words.   Jelly and jellyfish have featured largely including looking at jellyfish in the ocean sensory bottle.  The story of Jack and the Beanstalk provided the opportunity to retell the tale and to measure beanstalks using cubes.  Jelly beans were put in order and magic beans were counted.  There were more Mathematics activities with a jungle theme making number bonds to 5 and 10 and completing some addition sums.  ‘J’ week has been a favourite.

Meanwhile Reception girls have been learning all about farms. They have sorted farm and non-farm animals and have enjoyed working in groups to create a collaged farm. In Creative Writing, they have been excited about the topic of holidays and the seaside and were challenged to write some interesting sentences in response to a seaside scene. 

In Mathematics Reception girls were continuing 2, 3 and 4 colour and shape patterns. They have also been practising their sharing and grouping skills. For grouping work, they had to help some monsters group their socks according to the number of legs it had and for sharing work they shared food between two or three animals.

Also on Thursday, Reception girls were getting ready to join Prep in September as they visited Year 1 to try out a Year 1 lesson with the Year 1 teachers. They had lots of fun getting to know the new classrooms and staff. 

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