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A Fascinating Look at Roman Britain

Senior School

26 May 2023

On Wednesday 24 May, the Classics Department took Year 7 on a trip to see the Roman Villa at Chedworth and the Corinium Museum. The girls arrived at Chedworth in the morning and were greeted by their tour guide, who gave them a brief overview of the history of the villa. The girls then had the opportunity to explore the villa on their own, taking in the sights and sounds of this ancient Roman settlement.

One of the highlights of the tour was the nymphaeum, a water shrine that was once used to provide water for the villa. The girls were also impressed by the remains of the bath house.

After their tour of the villa, the girls had the opportunity to create their own mosaics. They were given a variety of materials to work with, including tiles, pebbles, and glass. The girls were very creative and came up with some beautiful designs.

In the afternoon, the girls visited the Corinium Museum, which is home to a collection of artefacts from Roman Britain. The girls were able to see a variety of objects, including jewellery, pottery, and weapons. They also learned about the different aspects of Roman life, such as their religion, their food, and their clothing.

The girls had a wonderful time on their trip; there is nothing quite like seeing the classical world coming to life outside the classroom! 

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