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Year 5 Time Travellers


26 May 2023

There was much intrigue in Year 5 as we headed into Prep Hall for Professor McGinty’s Amazing Time Travelling Tales. 

Choruses of giggles reverberated through the room as the children travelled back in time. Exploring the world of the Victorians, the children learnt about some everyday items as well as  some of the more ‘whacky’ ideas the Victorians had. The children were able to handle and discuss real artefacts from the Victorian era, adding to the wealth of knowledge that they have already gained this year.  

Sophia said, ‘My favourite part was when he used video to help us time travel.’ 
Aizah commented that, ‘he was really funny.’ 
Talia voiced that, ‘Professor McGinty taught us more about the Victorians. I enjoyed it.’ 
The workshop was fabulous enjoyment and learning for all. 

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