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26 May 2023

The Year 5 girls have been taking full advantage of the milder weather in recent weeks, and their enthusiasm for Gardening Club is clear to see. This week, they have been busy making frames for the runner beans and planting sunflowers. 

The girls were very careful as they worked with the tools to make the frames. Once the frames were finished, they planted the runner bean seeds in the soil, excited to see the beans start to grow.

After they had finished planting the beans, the girls moved on to planting sunflowers. They carefully dug holes in the ground and placed the sunflower seeds inside before covering the seeds with soil and watering them. 

The girls were also excited to meet Sabreena's tortoise, George! George is a very friendly tortoise, and he enjoyed exploring the garden as the girls took turns to feed George lettuce and carrots. 

Gardening Club is very popular and offers numerous benefits to participants, including learning about how to care for plants, getting exercise by digging, planting, and watering and spending time outdoors in nature.

The girls had a lot of fun and are now looking forward to coming back next week and seeing how their plants have grown.

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