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19 May 2023

Continuing with their study of shapes, the focus in Nursery this week has been on squares and cubes.  The girls’ activities with squares have included ordering different sized squares, collage work, hunting for squares in their environment and making squares from a variety of materials.  Working with 3D shapes gave opportunities for mathematics practice of counting and size vocabulary.  The girls also constructed cubes and painted with coloured ice cubes which gave interesting results.

The girls also enjoyed sharing all of their activities from the year with their parents on International Families Day.

Kindergarten have been learning the letter sound ‘e’ and Elmer, a favourite book character has featured throughout the week in many mathematics and literacy activities.  This has included the girls writing about ways they are unique.  Eggs have provided another focus for studies.  The girls have looked at where eggs come from and the animals which lay them.  Using baking soda and vinegar they explored eggs hatching and enjoyed the important message in the story of ‘Brenda’s Boring Egg’.

Reception girls always look forward to Friday afternoon, when it is their swimming lesson.  They have been learning the art of floating on the water and have made it look very easy indeed!  In their Topic Mathematics sessions, girls continued to learn about floating using different objects.  They had a great time guessing which object was going to float or sink to the bottom of the bowl. 

Learning higher numbers in Mathematics lessons proved tricky at first but once the girls understood what to do, they took great pleasure in showing how to write numbers in their hundreds.  They also learnt the meaning of 'doubling' with the help of ladybirds and picked up this concept quickly using the Tuff Tray activity. 

In their Topic lesson, Reception girls recorded information on a 'pictogram'.  This showed their favourite animal, which was the rabbit!

The creatures featured in both Kindergarten and Reception this week have linked well with the extension topic in the Discovery Den which has been based on animals.

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