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Busy Year 5 Scientists


19 May 2023

Following their Field Studies in Yorkshire, Year 5 applied their biological sampling techniques to analyse biodiversity at our Guinea Gardens allotment. 

With grateful thanks to the Sixth Form Team, Year 5 girls took advantage of the newly refurbished pond and used nets to sweep for pond invertebrates. 

Last year we found many rat-tailed maggots indicating a pond with poor oxygen levels but the biodiversity was much higher this year with multiple new invertebrates found. This shows our pond is much healthier this year - something we will report to OPAL, a national water survey group. 

The girls enjoyed using pooters, sweep nets and tree-beaters to find terrestrial invertebrates too. We also used quadrats to find out how many different plant species were amongst the apple trees. 

This lesson was packed full of practical science, fully enjoyed by all.

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