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20 October 2023

Nursery girls brought in some purple items from home to share with their friends.  They experimented with mixing red and blue to make purple and they blew bubble patterns into purple paint which they caught on balloon shapes. The girls then used their fine motor skills to drop paint mixed with vinegar from pipettes onto bicarbonate of soda. They were fascinated by the magical unicorn fizz they had created.  

Playing the beehive game gave them further fine motor skill practice as they used tweezers to pick up the bees and match them to the correct coloured hive. The girls enjoyed discussing their favourite colours and wrote them down in their emergent writing. They also carefully coloured pictures of octopuses in line with the Curiosity Corner topic. 

As well as being colder outside it has also been a little chilly this week in Kindergarten as our letter of the week has been 'i'.  The girls have learnt all about icebergs, how they are formed and what they look like. They have even read stories about animals who may live on or near them. To follow this theme, the girls have explored freezing water into ice and then watching it melt back to water, talking about the scientific processes along the way. The classes came together as a whole year group to make ice cream too. This took a lot of hard work with a whisk but everybody helped and it was a real team effort. Painting with frozen paints was another exciting activity as they loved watching the results unfold.

In other lessons this week Kindergarten have been learning about iguanas, and made some of their own using footprints! They have also had fun singing and writing about Incey Wincey Spider.

Reception pupils learn six sounds each week and this week, have been concentrating on digraphs.  First they learnt the 'sh' sound and to reinforce this sound, made woolly sheep with wobbly eyes.  EHS girls are usually extremely polite but one morning they were allowed to stick their tongues out to each other to practise saying the 'th' digraph!  In the afternoon, they made very cheeky clowns with bright red, moving tongues.  

As part of their Communication and Language and PSED development, girls made fruit carriers with a partner. They discussed their ideas together and decorated baskets to make them more interesting. They then used a variety of artistic effects to create some very realistic 'Fantasy Desserts' in their Art lesson. They really do look good enough to eat!

The whole year group visited The Botanical Gardens to look for signs of Autumn.  They had a wonderful time collecting leaves for the classroom and observing the beautiful colours of the leaves on the trees.  We are so lucky to be able to have this facility on our doorstep.  

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