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Design Students Take in Chanel Manifesto at V&A

Senior School | Sixth Form

20 October 2023

The GCSE and A level students had the opportunity to see the once in a life-time exhibition, Chanel Manifesto.  This is the first time that the garments from the Parisian designer have ever left France!  The collection comprised of all of Chanel’s working dating from the early 1920s up to her final pieces which were made just two weeks before she sadly passed.  The students were able to see everything from the classic Chanel suits through to the Beauté: classic perfume bottles, lipstick tubes and face creams.

They then travelled across London to the Design Museum to look at the most inclusive collections in the exhibition entitled 30 years of rebel London fashion.  This was sponsored by Alexander McQueen and included some of the classics including the swan dress that Bjork, wore right up to the inflatable outfit worn by Sam Smith most recently.

They finished the day travelling over to Covent Garden to have a couple of hours to take in the sights and do a bit of shopping!

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