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24 March 2023

Last week finished with all girls and staff wearing red, in support of Comic Relief Day and helping others. Reception girls also entertained their parents with a performance of their Mother’s day assembly. We are sure that Mums were delighted with their early gift as the girls performed extremely well. We hope the girls kept their Mother’s Day promises too. This week has brought more fun and further challenges.

On Monday morning there was a visit to Prep Hall for Kindergarten and Reception who watched a performance of Year 1’s special assembly on the theme of bodies.  Reception girls returned later in the morning to hear from newly published author, Farhana Islam reading her book, ‘Not Now Noor’.

For Nursery girls they began to focus on their rhyme for the week, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. Their activities have included many intergalactic projects. They have counted and matched stars, extracted stars from slime using fine motor skills, painted space pictures on foil and made star mobiles.  They also enjoyed assembling rocket segments on which they had written their names.  Aliens also featured during the week!

Kindergarten studies have been closer to home and have been based on the topic of spring. Their creative work has included creating spring themed pictures and painting spring lambs using pompoms. They have practised pen control and written about things they see in spring having visited the Botanics, next door. In their Mathematics lessons they have created repeating patterns and looked for 2D shapes in addition to some themed counting and number matching. The sunny weather during the week has helped to inspire them.

Reception girls have also been exploring the natural world around them and have been experimenting this week. They learnt what plants need to grow.  They started off with four dishes, each with cress seeds in. Then they placed two dishes in a dark cupboard, one with water and one without. The other two dishes were placed on the windowsill, one was watered, and one was not. After a few days, they looked to see what had happened.  Each girl had a good guess about what the results might be, and the dish on the windowsill (with water) grew the tallest and greenest cress.  

In French, pupils have enjoyed learning about The Eiffel Tower and Gustave Eiffel. They painted their own Eiffel Tower pictures using a template and the French flag colours. 

All of this hard work was in addition to a beyond the curriculum morning based on oral health with visits from two of our parents who are dentists.


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