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17 March 2023

In addition to a map-making adventure this week, the girls in Reception have demonstrated their understanding of counting to 20 in Mathematics. They used practical items to count accurately, and some girls made repeating patterns using 20 cubes. In topic work they learnt all about Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the Italian painter, and created their own vegetable faces. They are looking forward to performing their Mother's Day Assembly to parents to end the week.

The girls in Kindergarten have studied the letter sound ā€˜lā€™ this week. As part of their Mathematics work they have thought about length, making long and short necklaces and have found one more and one less using lemons. They have also made ladybirds out of the ā€˜lā€™ shape and have added spots to ladybird pictures by counting carefully. They have made lemonade and have read the story of the Lion and the Mouse learning that size is not everything and that we can be kind to everyone.  

In Nursery, the Grand Old Duke of York has been used as a focus for activities this week which have included singing and acting out the rhyme. One of the areas of study has been use of the words up and down. The girls have experimented with balance scales and have discussed heavy and light, as well as up and down. They have also explored how the car moved down the slope quickly and easily but how they needed help to go back up as it was much harder. As part of their physical development area of learning the girls took turns being the Duke and gave instructions to march their soldiers around the playground.

The girls in Westbourne ended the week celebrating Red Nose Day with lots of fun activities!

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