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English Students Enjoy Performance of The Moth

Sixth Form

17 March 2023

Year 12 and 13 English students recently braved the inclement weather to head to the Old Joint Stock Theatre in the City centre to watch a performance of ‘The Moth’ - an adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

Rather than being set in post-war New Orleans, the adaptation was set in 90s Britain, providing an interesting, modern twist, but the performance still maintained the central themes, characters and motifs of Williams’ classic play. 

Year 12 student Monet Egawa said: “Watching this contemporary adaptation was useful in supporting Literature students with A Level coursework in which we have to analyse and re-create scenes from the play.”

Year 12 student Stephanie Kail said: “For English Language and Literature students, the play aided our understanding in preparation for the A Level examination. We were really engaged when they performed alternative endings to the play, especially when multiple actors played the same role, which provided a range of depth in the presentation of the characters. We spotted multiple motifs that were portrayed in the play such as the use of bathing, light and music. Being able to experience the immersive performance personally provided greater insight into the workings of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.”

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