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10 February 2023

After finishing last week with a day focused on numbers, girls in Westbourne started this week looking forward to the challenges ahead.

The nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ has provided a focus for activities in Nursery.  This has involved the girls looking at violins and the sounds they make and jumping over the moon in their physical development sessions. They have been busy being creative too. They have created scene collages, made cows from handprints and decorated dishes and spoons. Looking at a range of emotions was inspired by the little dog laughing and, in Children’s Mental Health Awareness week, the girls enjoyed talking about what makes us happy. Their maths challenges this week have been focused on the number 3.

Girls in Kindergarten have been busy learning all about the letter sound ‘o’.  In addition to writing the letter and words beginning with o they have listened out for the sound in their stories and thought about opposites. The story of the owl babies has provided discussion of the characters, setting and emotions of the owls and they painted owls using pompoms. The girls have thought about the odd one out, drawn lots of circles and looked at the octopus, an interesting creature. Their maths topic has been sharing equally.

Following on with the topic of 'Gardens and Growing', girls in Reception have completed their painted, patchwork scarecrows, each with their own little character!  They have been on full display for Parents' Evening this week and hope they have not scared the parents. The girls were in the mood for writing this week too and described their scarecrows on paper. They were very pleased with the end results - and so were teachers! 

In Mathematics, Reception girls were introduced to 'missing number' calculations.  As an extension exercise, some girls were able to write their own higher number calculations themselves. Well done Reception girls for working so hard!

Everyone has continued to enjoy the Discovery Den this week.  They have learnt all about the 'heart' and other organs in the body.  The girls liked using the stethoscopes best and most of them came away wanting to be the next generation of doctors!

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