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Summer Term Maths report

28 June 2019

This term was the turn of Years 7 & 8 to enter the Junior Challenge. We were pleased that approximately 90 girls volunteered to take part and many were successful in achieving certificates. We congratulate the following girls: 

Year 8
Bronze: Maddy Carey, Ruth Christian, Elizabeth Chu, Mollie Hewison, Lucia Holland, Abby Hurley, Lauren Hurley, Hemma Lalli, Aminah Munir, Isobel Parkes, Katya Wrigley
Silver: Natasha Mkosana, Rellie Randall, Juniper Siegel and Lexi Byrne, who also receives a certificate for “Best in Year”

Year 7
Bronze: Valentina Barrios-Mejia, Jaikirat Bindra, Flora Gregory, May Hadley, Renee Henry, Maia Kanagaratnam, Karishma Mangal, Ishma Mir, Dhruti Modhvadia, Sanjana Raghavendran, Saya Sharma
Silver: Aava Avari, Poppy Couzens
Gold: Emma Burns, who also receives certificates for “Best in Year” and “Best in School”

End of term activities
Each year group had the challenge of ‘The Big Quiz’. There were five rounds varying from memorising as many digits of the number “Pi”, solving equations, mathematical dingbats to a challenge to estimate the total of all the ages of the teachers in the Maths department. (The answer to the last question, for those interested, is 343 for Years 10 and 8, and 344 for Years 9 and 7).


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