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Showcasing innovation at design technology event

05 October 2018

On Monday 1 October, Year 12 D&T Fashion & Textiles A level students joined students from five other schools to attend an event at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, organised by the Design & Technology Association (DATA). 

They had been invited by the association to display and discuss the type of products they develop and manufacture, with a particular emphasis on innovation and forward-thinking design. Coinciding with the Conservative Party Conference, the event was attended by a wide range of influential leaders from the government and industry. 

It gave the students the opportunity to showcase a range of their own garments as well as products manufactured by past students. All products were original and had been innovatively designed. They also took with them a range of LED lights, switches and other electronic components which they attached and assembled into textiles products with amazing results. In the afternoon, the panel discussion included reference to the innovative products made by the students at EHS; in particular, the girls were praised for their mature attitudes and the intelligent conversation they took part in during the day. 

Our girls were proud to play a part in promoting the importance of Design and Technology as part of the curriculum in schools, and thoroughly enjoyed the event. 

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