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A European celebration in Prep

05 October 2018

This week, EHS Prep girls and teachers participated in an assembly to celebrate European Day of Languages. The official date was Wednesday 26 September, on which each year group practised how to greet each other in a different European language. These ranged from Italian and German to Bosnian and Greek.  

During the assembly, the girls stood up in their year groups and greeted everyone in their given language. Then, a smaller group of girls spoke to the assembly in a variety of European languages that they speak at home. These included Latvian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Turkish, Russian, German and French. Such an impressive array of languages on display! There was even a contribution in Welsh from Mrs Humble. 

A huge thank you to the girls and staff for their efforts to teach and learn basic greetings in various languages in such a short time.

Merci. Danke. Grazie. Obrigado. Spasiva. Efharisto.

Simply ‘Thank you’.

Madame Hennous


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