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STEM in Action


23 June 2023

This week in the Prep School, girls have been able to experience STEM subjects in action both inside and outside of the classroom. 

As part of their Enrichment programme Year 6 enjoyed an exciting day on Tuesday applying their coding skills whilst learning to pilot drones. They created flight paths, 3D sequences and programmed their drones to flip in mid air. The resulting drone acrobatics were very impressive to watch! They also learnt about the first female coder - Ada Lovelace. “DRONEdays” provided a wonderful experience for the girls.

On Wednesday Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all took part in a brilliant, hands-on workshop with The Happy Puzzle Company. Working collaboratively the girls were challenged to persevere with a range of puzzles and games that required lots of logic and thinking skills! There was an excited buzz from the Prep Hall punctuated with lots of cheers and applause when each team was successful!

Year 2 girls have been looking at fractions this week and have created their own fraction walls and compared halves, quarters, thirds and a variety of other amounts. A favourite practical fractions lesson included using skittles sweets to find different fractions.  A very tasty Mathematics lesson!

It is not surprising that many of our girls in Prep quote Science and Mathematics as their favourite school subjects and that they aspire to be engineers, medics, scientists or computing experts.

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